• From Boring to Blessed: Church Service Ideas That'll set your Church on Fire

    from boring to fire
    Illuminate Your Worship: A Guide to Engaging, Inspiring, and Interactive Church Services   Introduction Vibrant, uplifting church services are the cornerstone of thriving faith communities. They nourish our spirits, anchor our values, and connect us more deeply to God and each other. However, in our fast-changing world, it's crucial that worship services adapt to engage modern congregations while retaining core traditions. 
  • 5 Ways to revive a DEAD church

    Wondering how to wake up a church that feels lifeless? That's a question many church leaders ask. But remember, when we talk about a "dead" church, we're talking about the people, not the building. Here are five straightforward steps to bring energy and spirit back to your church community: Revival
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Ellen G White Database

    This article was written to directly address the concerns a few people have expressed about using artificial intelligence to create a chat-like experience with Ellen G White's  books. Click here to see the app in question.     I have removed the wording "talk to Ellen White" and "bringing her back to life" because I realized it was triggering and distracted people from the usefulness of the tool itself.
  • Here's Why We Should Mind Other People's Business

    As Christians, we are often told to "mind our own business" in order to avoid conflicts or disturbances in our relationships. While respecting boundaries is essential, there is a biblical perspective on minding other people's business that is often overlooked. In this article, we will explore why Christians should, at times, mind other people's business and how it can lead to spiritual growth, unity, and compassion within our communities. 1. Love Thy Neighbor Compassion Caring Prayer Empathy Love
  • How to use Artificial Intelligence to create church programs

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) can potentially revolutionize how we approach Sabbath School and Adventist Youth programs. With its vast database and powerful algorithms, AI can help leaders develop fresh and creative ideas for their programs, write songs, poems, and skits, develop group discussion topics and sermons, and even provide strong biblical references. creativity tech Artificial Intelligence
  • Growing like a Tree in 2023

    As we embrace the new year of 2023, I encourage you to consider the metaphor of growing like a tree. Just as a tree begins with a tiny seed, we also start small in our faith journeys. But with time, care, and nourishment, we can grow stronger and taller, reaching new heights and bearing the fruit of the Spirit for others to enjoy.   New Year Attached Files tree 2023.png
  • How to Minister to the Rich

    Riche people
    Imagine that it's your best friend's birthday. They have gifted you great gifts for all your past birthdays, and now you want to return the favour. However, every year around the time of their birthday, you get extreme anxiety because your friend is exceptionally wealthy. You struggle every year to figure out what to buy for someone who has everything they need.   rich ministry purpose
  • Why Isn't the Church Doing Anything About This?!

    The world is going through never before seen tumultuous times. Wars and rumours of wars, human rights are being violated as the hearts of men have waxed cold. Men's hearts are failing them for fear, and the future is uncertain.  In the middle of all this, our youth are crumbling under the world's influences. Sickness and disease are ravaging society. Mental illness is now a trending diagnosis because depression and anxiety have become the natural state for millions. The world needs help; who can fix this mess?  Leadership Evangelism
  • Get to know us.....Sabbath Programs Q and A

    Get to know us.....Sabbath Programs Q and A   Who are we? We are a husband and wife team. Our names are Rohan and Valene Smith. We have been married for almost 9 years and we have 2 boys, ages 5 and 2 years old. Rohan is reserved, hilariousand creative. Valene is friendly, loving and creative.   What are we most passionate about? QandA
  • Sabbath Will Never be the Same

    Hi, What's happening at your church this Sabbath? Can the members of your church predict what will happen this week? Do they think it is the same-old-same-old monotonous oral presentation they will receive this week? Do they already believe they won't miss anything by being late, or even not showing up? Are your fellow members scarred from a history of poorly planned programs and inconsistent quality?
  • Do you study your sabbath school lesson?

    Hi, Rohan and Valene here again with some great content for you from Sabbath Programs. One of the most discouraging things for a sabbath school teacher is asking the class if anyone reviewed the lesson of the week, only to get a deafening silence. Or maybe just one or two hands from the regulars who are always prepared. Here are 4 ways to encourage your sabbath school to review the lesson before class on Sabbath mornings. lesson
  • The Art of Sabbatical War

    Hi [First Name], Pastors are usually considered the shepherds of their flock, the church. In many cases, you, as the Sabbath School or AY leader, will spend far more time with your congregation. They may even see more of your programs than the sermons preached by your pastor. The pastor may have multiple congregations, and therefore you become one of the chief shepherds of the flock. war
  • Ideas for Global Youth Day this Sabbath

    Global Youth Day
    Hi [First Name], We've been on a journey exploring the three most essential components that every Sabbath School and AY program should have to be impactful. GYD
  • Best Kept Secret at Sabbath Programs Pt3

    Hi  It is unfortunate that as leaders, we sometimes focus mainly on trying to entertain the congregation to keep their attention. This is usually done to attract new people to our church and to keep existing members from getting disinterested in our presentations. sabbath secret
  • Sabbath Secret Part 2

    sabbath secret
    Hi We learned last week that movie producers know how to encourage their viewers to keep coming back for more and more. If you did not notice, we used the same technique on you last week as well. sabbath secret
  • How to create an appetite for your programs at church

    We just love the Sabbath..., do you love the sabbath? It is a time to put 100% focus on worshipping our Creator and to rest from all the cares of the world for about 24 hours. The peace we experience is incomparable to anything else. That is what God intended for us when He made the Sabbath. A time to acknowledge God as Creator and for us to find physical and spiritual rest so we can rest in his promises. Sabbath Preparation Leadership
  • Here is a Gift to make you fall in love this Sabbath xoxo

    Hi [First Name], On February 14th, the world celebrates the pagan holiday, Valentine's Day. There is no doubt that the origins of the holiday are rooted in heathenism. It is then unfortunate that the secular world gets to use this day, with all the marketing and commercialism to define what it thinks love means. It gives the wrong impression that true love exists only between intimate couples and is dependent on what someone does for you. Valentines Day
  • How to Always Get Participants for your Church Programs

    participants Needed
    An essential aspect of successful programs is having a diverse set of individuals participating each week. It gives the congregation a fresh approach from the perspective of new minds. It reduces the monotony and the predictability that routine programs can bring. It empowers and trains new members in the congregation to learn new roles and exposes them to presentions. Youth Participation
  • The 2020 Year in Review

    We are quickly approaching the end of the year, and what a roller coaster ride it has been. We started 2020 with a grand welcome and new years day program to our subscribers. We asked for your cooperation in working alongside us as partners as we improve program delivery within our churches worldwide. Many of you have taken our programs, transformed them to be your own,  and successfully carried them out in your churches. We know this because of the amazing feedback we have received. year in review
  • Communion at Home with Family Recipe for communion Bread

    communion at home
    The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 11:26, For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. How many times for this year have you or your church members participated in the sacrament of holy communion? For most leaders, the answer to this question would be not many times due to restrictions. The question is asked, is there a way to still partake of the Lord's supper often while restricted? The answer is yes, with a little innovation. foot washing, baptism, communion
  • Do You Need Inspiration?

    Church attendance was a routine that most persons grew accustomed to. Many Seventh-day Adventist leaders and members have attended church every sabbath for several years without missing a week. However, now that routine has been broken, and some leaders feel uninspired as a result. How do you find the inspiration continue being an active part of the church in these times?
  • How to have a Worship Experience at Home

    Leaders do you have family worship at home daily? If the answer is no, then there is hope, it is never too late to begin this beautiful practice that will bring your family closer together while drawing them closer to Christ. A Christ-like family is like a circle with God at the centre. Picture this, as each family member takes steps towards the centre of the circle (where God resides), each member of the family will grow closer together in the process.  Family Worship
  • 3 Benefits to Sabbatical Intimacy

    Intimacy is defined as close familiarity or friendship, such as the intimacy between a husband and wife, between friends or between family members. But can you find intimacy with the Lord? And what are the benefits of finding intimacy with God? Another author describes intimacy as "In to Me See", do you get it?  Intimacy is allowing God to look Into our heart and allowing us to look into His. What a beautiful, saving and beneficial relationship God calls us to share with Him.  intimacy
  • 5 Alternatives to Typical Services your Church can do Online.

    online church
    While we attended church in-person, we planned various types of activities that involved the members. We planned church trips, socials, workdays, seminars, visiting orphanages and hospitals. We know that many of these activities appeal to more than just the spiritual well being of the members. However, many churches have limited their online experience to only a weekly sabbath service. Here are five useful alternatives activities to your weekly church service that you can offer online.   Online Seminars Social Health outreach Zoom
  • 7 Tips to Drastically Improve the Quality of Zoom Church Service

    zoom phone with bible
    Our global quarantine has transformed the way that we worship. We can't say to what extent this will permanently impact the future of worship in our churches. However, we need to ensure that we are swimming and not sinking in the wave of changes that we currently face. Zoom and other online streaming software have now become a staple in our online worship toolset. The skills required to keep your congregation engaged in an online context are different than the typical methods used in your in-person services. Zoom Online Church
  • How we get Inspired to Write New Sabbath Programs

    Every week my wife and I sit to either write these emails or create a new sabbath program. There is a process that we use to ensure that we write engaging, relevant and useful content. All our material may not appeal to everyone's particular taste, and that's OK since there are thousands of visitors every month with as many varied interests. Despite the diversity, our content has garnered brad appeal and interest from the majority of our readers. Here's our process for coming up with exciting programs and how you can be empowered to do the same for your local church. Ideas
  • What to do on Sabbaths?

    Thank God it's Sabbath
    The sabbath can mean a lot of different things to each person. For some, the sabbath is a time when all family members are home and present with each other. For some, it might be the only time they get to rest from a week of hectic work. For some, there is little time for physical rest because they are very active in the operations of the church. However, they find relief from the cares of the world to focus on the work of the Lord. Sabbath Sabbath Activities sabbath rules
  • 7 Offensive Sabbath Program Topics Most Leaders are Afraid to Do.

    politically correct
    We live in an age where there seems to be a growing pressure to be politically correct. The fear of offending people has found its way into our conversations, publications, sermons and even our sabbath programs. The problem with trying to avoid offence is that it can lead to totally omitting specific topics from the table of discussion. If you want to be sure your church has not fallen into that trap, ensure that you plan programs addressing one or more of these seven potentially "offensive" topics. politically correct dress modesty sex marriage sin unequally yoked fornication adultery divorce Health Message Health Health Reform Jewelry Second Coming
  • 5 Mistakes Program Planners Make Every Sabbath

    With almost three decades of observing sabbath programs in churches across the world, I have seen many common mistakes repeated by program planners. Many may not even realize how detrimental these mistakes are or have no idea what to do to fix them. Today we will highlight five mistakes program planners seem to make every sabbath. We pray that after reading this, last week would have been the last week you made them.   Late and Frantic Planning Mistakes Program Planning Planning Punctuality Bible Monotony
  • This Will Make Every Sabbath a Special Program

    Music is vital in each church service. But should the opportunity to give praises only be given to extremely talented persons? Or can we all be allowed to minister? Music is sometimes the main ingredient in a "special program". Having two or more special music selections can completely change the atmosphere of the church. However, finding persons to perform these musical selections can be difficult in many churches.
  • Emotional Discernment for Sabbath Programs

    Emotional discernment is a critical skill that every sabbath programs leader should possess—being able to determine the emotions of your congregation, especially after significant events such as death, new milestones, accomplishments, etc. This discernment is crucial with regards to program planning. Emotions
  • 7 Crazy Myths about Sabbath School Programs

    Over the years, many of the traditions in sabbath school programs have seemingly cemented themselves as unchangeable facts. However, many of these supposed facts are actually myths, and knowing this can open up creative avenues for planning your next program. Today we will look at five of those myths about sabbath school programs.   Sabbath School
  • 4 Steps You Need to Know Before your First Sabbath at Church

    Hi Brother and Sisters, This pandemic will change many things about church operations going forward. Leaders may be bombarded with uncertainty about how to navigate these waters and how to plan programs that fit the church's growing needs. Note well that knowledge and preparation are some of the keys to success. COVID
  • Sabbath Reopening Guideline

      By this time, some countries have begun lifting the COVID-19 restrictions. Although there is talk about the possibility of a second or third wave, churches should carefully and prayerfully soldier on with preparations for the eventual return of members and find ways to navigate the new normal.   Nothing catches God unaware, and He allowed the church body to choose you to be a leader during this time of uncertainty because he found you, {Firstname}, to be capable of adding significant value at such a time as this.   
  • How to Improve your church's program rating ★☆☆☆☆

    Have you ever purchased a product that was just so good, so extraordinary, so above expectations that it became the topic of all your conversations? Did you call your friends and family to recommend the product? Your phone call could convert a loved one into a lifelong customer of that brand.  
  • Why I Stopped Reading the Sabbath School Lesson

    I want to share my story of why I stopped reading the sabbath school lesson. Having been "born in the church," I was exposed to my quarterly sabbath school lesson since kindergarten, but then I chose to stop studying it. The reason I made this decision may be vital for you if you too no longer read your lesson, please read to the end. Bible Study Daily Study Family Worship Personal Worship
  • The Sabbath and so much more

    As leaders within the Seventh Day Adventist church, do you know what we believe in and why our church claims to have the truth? Are you aware that as a church, we have fundamental beliefs? How many fundamental beliefs do we have? Are we only Sabbath-keepers? Do you know the answers to all of these questions? Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.  Because we follow the teachings of the Bible as closely as possible, we have the most accurate message at this time.
  • How to keep the congregation awake during your presentations

    As program planners for sabbath school or AY. You may at one point or another had someone fall asleep during one of your programs. It may have had nothing to do with the content of the presentation. Perhaps, the person had a long hard week with very little sleep. I will share with you a few tips to keep your audience engaged in a long presentation. Program Planning Engagement
  • Sabbath is Lit

    The story is told of a lady with a successful cleaning business. She gained many commendations about her exceptional ability to clean. One day someone asked her to share her cleaning secrets. She smiled and said always take care of the light. Her logic was, once the lights are cleaned and shining, the entire building will look even cleaner. "Always take care of the light."  The popular children song reads, "this little light of mine I am going to let it shine". The question is, how do you let your light shine? Sabbath
  • Small Group Online Church Programs

    We have spoken at length about how your church can make online service great for the entire congregation. If implemented correctly, these tips should work well and impact the members of your church. Yet still, online presentations to large groups will not feel natural to a large percentage of people. To them, they feel distant, and just a number on the screen in the viewers count. This feeling is especially true if the services are being broadcast from the conference level. Your members see no familiar faces and have very little opportunity to contribute. Online Church small group
  • Online Guests for Church Programs

    Many leaders have contacted us requesting suggestions on how to create engaging programs during this time. We have one strategy we want to promote that will take advantage of the fact that you are based on the Internet.  Many church programs have migrated to the Internet to ensure everyone has access from their homes. Even with the disadvantage of not being in close fellowship with our brothers and sisters, we still can share the word of God. 
  • Here's Why I'm Never Going to Church Again!

    We have become comfortable with defining the church as the four walls of a building. The place we go to get a "blessing." The place where God dwells. The oasis in the wilderness. What if there is no church for another 5 years? Would we have lost our blessing? Would the presence of God no longer be on earth? Would the earth become a dry sinful wilderness with no hope for the thirsty stranger seeking a better way? COVID-19 church
  • Sabbath is for kids too

    As we fill our requirements for the daily word, let us not forget the children.  Deuteronomy 6:6-7 declares "And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up."
  • Growing or Dying Every Sabbath

    A problem sabbath school teachers encounter all across the world is that members fail to review their lessons for the sabbath school class. Many strategies have been attempted over the years to varying results.  
  • I know what you did last Sabbath

    Each sabbath, we come to church, listen to the programs, sit in sabbath school class, hear the sermon then go home. Do you remember what was said at church on the last sabbath? For many, the answer will be no. Most times, the lessons taught are not revised and reinforced to the hearer, and sometimes, they get lost in the abyss of memory. Here is a method that encourages repetition and remembrance. kno
  • 13th Sabbath Quiz

    13th Sabbath in the Seventh Day Adventist Church is often characterized by the children showing what they have learned in the past quarter through the recital of their memory verses. Rarely are the adults called upon to show evidence that they have benefitted from the sabbath school lessons of the quarter.  This 13th Sabbath, after the children, has ended their activities. Carry out the Adult sabbath school quiz. This quiz is not for prizes and surprises, but a means for the congregation to remember and share what they have learned. 13th Sabbath Bible Quiz
  • Ideas for Global Youth Day Outreach 2025

    Global Youth Day is an initiative that recaptures the reality of Adventist youth as a global movement mobilized for service, contributing to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel and ushering in the second coming of Jesus Christ.   Each church is advised to scope out the needs of the community and design an outreach plan that fits the need as best and as practical as possible. It should involve the entire church and inspire acts of kindness into each person's life.   Global Youth Day 2025
  • Forgiveness

      FORGIVENESS Global Youth Day 2020 Attached Files Forgiveness_0.pptx
  • The Adventist Youth (AY) Legion of Honor with certificate and meaning

    I volunteer to join the AY Legion of Honor, and by the grace and power of God I will: HONOR CHRIST in that which I choose to BEHOLD HONOR CHRIST in that to which I choose to LISTEN HONOR CHRIST in the choice of places to which I GO HONOR CHRIST in the choice of ASSOCIATES HONOR CHRIST in that which I choose to SPEAK HONOR CHRIST in the care I give my BODY TEMPLE   Attached Files AY Legion of Honor.docx
  • Adventist Youth Aim, Motto, Pledge & Song Lyrics with meanings and Audio

      The Adventist Youth Society is grounded by a set of principles that can be found in our Aim, Motto, Pledge and Song as listed below. adventist youth song lyrics adventist youth anthem senior youth anthem adventist youth anthem mp3 Attached Files Adventist youth are we.mp3 Adventist Youth AY AIM MOTTO Pledge song lyrics.pptx
  • 115 Topics For AY and Sabbath School Programs

    We have asked over 800 people across the world to contribute interesting topics for sabbath programs. We have created a list of 115 topics you can use for your next program. These topics can be used as the basis for selecting a theme for your programs as well. Adventist Youth AY
  • 9 Steps to make your Sabbath School and AY programs more interesting.

    It is a new year, and church elections have ended. The Lord led the nominating committee to assign you the role of leading Sabbath school or AY in your local church. The role of an Adventist Youth leader or Sabbath school superintendent can seem overwhelming. You and your team (if you have one), need to produce 52 programs for the year. Blog Sabbath School Adventist Youth AY Improvement Sabbath School Training, Sabbath School Teacher Training, Sabbath School Workshop Manual, Sabbath School Training Course AY Training, Adventist Youth Training Course, Adventist Youth Training Manual