Online Guests for Church Programs

Many leaders have contacted us requesting suggestions on how to create engaging programs during this time. We have one strategy we want to promote that will take advantage of the fact that you are based on the Internet. 

Many church programs have migrated to the Internet to ensure everyone has access from their homes. Even with the disadvantage of not being in close fellowship with our brothers and sisters, we still can share the word of God. 

Sabbath Programs created a page where you can add or view live stream church services from across the world.  Please feel free to add your local congregation.


Special Guests

Have you ever considered inviting special Guests to do your AY/Sabbath School Programs? It is now very convenient to invite guests, even if they live thousands of miles away to present at your services. Find presenters who are experts in a topic and ask them to present for an hour or more at one of your programs.

Decide upon a theme and request that they lead out in the presentation portion of your program. Ensure you plan the preliminary activities so all the presenter needs to do is to come in and do their part. Guests do not have to be limited to presenters. You can invite musicians, singers or poets to do a special piece, and it will only take about 10 minutes of their time.

Do you need a topic or theme for your guest?
Read our article here to get some ideas.

Need program ideas?
Check out our list of Sabbth School and AY programs here.

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