Are you looking for engaging and interesting Adventist Youth topics? Below are a list of creative ideas for AY programs.

Our programs range from a list of almost 15 types of adventist youth programs including:


Panel Discussion, Testimonies, Bible Study & Discovery, Bible Games, Quizzes and Trivia, Outdoors & Nature, Oral Presentations, Sermon, Story, Readings, Debate, Questions & Answers, Skit or Play, Musical and Group Activities


The programs format includes simple ideas, adventist program outline, to a full AY script.


The programs cover a wide range of topics we have chose from over 115 topics for adventist youth programs including:

Homosexuality, Gambling, Racism, Euthanasia, official statements of the SDA church, love the neighbor, bible stories, career, spiritual gifts, testimonies, super heroes, jeopardy, poetry, music, Unequally Yoked, second coming, righteousness, new year resolutions, church member retention, nature, evangelism, rebirth, fathers, trials, evangelism, humility, identity, marriage, relationships, sabbath, bible games, gratitude, thanksgiving, health and more!


Any of these can be used as sabbath afternoon program ideas to improve the group dynamics for adventist youth in your church.

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Adventist Youth (AY)

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  • Adventist Family Feud

    Adventist Family Feud (AY)

    The bible is a beautiful book. It is filled with stories of interesting people and events. We as Adventists have grown up with our own perceptions of people in the bible based on how were were taught and our local cultures.
  • sabbath

    The Sabbath is Outlawed??

    If the sabbath should be kept on Saturday. What biblical evidence exist? Look at this courtroom drama on folds with a dialogue between defendant and prosecution going head to head on what the bible says about which day should be kept
  • New Year's Resolutions

    Should Christians Make New Year's Resolutions?

    It's the new year and everybody is making their list of resolutions. While the world is following behind this trend, should we as Christians be making new year's resolutions? Are there any dangers to having these grand plans of self-improvement for personal gain?

    An Evening of Psalm, Song and Testimony 

    Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. We are instructed to commit to memory scripture so in our times of need we can remember God's Word and claim his promises. The book of Psalm is filled with promises and calls to worship our Creator and King

    My Neighbour’s Keeper

    To get persons to understand that we all go through similar experiences or know of someone which have. It isn’t lovely being a part of a family but still feeling alone especially in the family of God. An encouraging word can go a long way even when you don’t really speak with someone.
  • Singing on mike

    Testimony in Song (AY)

    There are songs that have been integral in our spiritual experience throughout the years. This program gives each person an opportunity to testify about their favourite song from a list popular classics.


    How many times were you born?

    To discuss first and second birth, the nostalgia of both birthdays and the importance of growing in Christ daily.
  • Man with hands stretched

    My Trials...For Your Glory (AY)

    My Trials…For Your Glory is about three cousins who travel back into time and witness firsthand various trials that persons from the Bible faced and how they dealt with it. It’s an interesting spin as it seeks to show that as present day Christians, we are not just reading stories from the Bible but individuals experiences.
    It is important to remember that God was present throughout every single trial. No matter what happened, He was there. We are to look to Jesus in the face of our trials because, despite what the world may think… there is Balm in Gilead (Jeremiah 8:22)
  • Jesus Saves

    Hide and Jump (AY)

    ‘Hide, Crawl and Jump’ is a suspenseful piece that focuses on a young boy left home alone. He encounters something terrifying in his house one night and relies heavily on God to protect him from what is lurking around the corner. It’s a unique outlook on how even in the most paralyzing moments, God is still there with us and expects us to wholeheartedly place our trust in Him.
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    “Trained by my Trials-The Dreamer”

    To highlight one Bible character’s journey through various trials and tribulations and reveal how they overcame the same through short dialogue, skit, monologue and music.
    At the end of the programme, we want the congregation to know that we are just pilgrims passing through and indeed, God has his hands on us.
  • staff in hand

    What do you have in your hand? (AY)

    This program is a panel discussion with people from different fields explaining how they can use their careers to reach people and lead them to Christ.
  • Hymnal

    Poetic Hymns (AY)

    Using the hymns in a poetic version to familiarize ourselves with them.
  • Abigail

    Important Lessons from Abigail and Nabal

    This program looks at the relationship between three bible characters David, Nabal, and Abigail. We will look at how God called Abigail, used her wisdom and rewarded her. As well as the problems with Nabal.
  • Meals on a Budget

    Eating healthy on a Budget

    Many people would love to have a healthier diet but have no idea of what makes up a healthy diet and how to prepare healthy meals. This program will present healthy food options to help in choosing a diet that will ensure our body temple is in tip top shape
  • Dad Awards

    Dad Awards (AY)

    The program is an award ceremony for dads with fatherly traits.
  • Perfect man praying

    How to be a Perfect Christian in 3 Easy Steps

    This program tries to show that the ever illusive goal of perfection is not only possible but required for every christian living here on earth. This program will dig deep into the word of God to see what it has to say about perfection and how it can be attained.
  • Nature

    God in Nature (AY)

    Now that creation is complete, God has finished his work, he did His very best because he declared that it was good. However, now is the time for us to do the work he has left for us to do. We all have been given talents but will we utilize our talents or bury them. Will we serve him half-heartedly or will we give our all, and give our best?
    This sabbath school program will show us how to give of our best to the master.
  • Grateful girl

    Gratitude and Thanksgiving makes life worth living

    Gratitude is an underrated virtue, this program seeks to shine a light of the joys and benefits of a thankful spirit. It will engage the entire congregation in actively taking stock of the things they are grateful for while they learn about the benefits of this practice. We will also talk about thanksgiving towards God, the giver of every good gift.