Trust the promise, No Com-promise

Sabbath School
To do a modern adaptation of the three Hebrew boys and to show that we are to trust God and stand for him no compromise
Program Aim
To do a modern adaptation of the three Hebrew boys and to show that we are to trust God and stand for him no compromise
Scripture References
Joshua 1:9
Theme Song(s)
319 Lord I want to be a Christian
Program Audience
Preparations and resources

Persons for the skit

Summary of Skit

Skit highlighting the Daniel and his friends health challenge but with a modern twist. Essentially the characters (SDA Christians) will be standing up for what is right. Four friends offered an opportunity of a lifetime. They received scholarships to attend a university in a foreign land (US). Their dream of becoming professional basketball players is before them. While there, they are met with friends who try to influence them to do the wrong thing. (drinking, smoking, party life, eating unclean meats) Instead they stand firm in what their parents taught them, they prayed consistently and in the end are drafted in an All- Star Team in the NBA.

Characters Needed: Narrator, 4 friends, mothers of boys, Coach T, 2 or 3 boys from Team, party mixed group of boys and girls.

Narrator: boy’s name (insert name) and his three friends (boys 1,2 3) are one step closer in fulfilling their dreams of becoming professional basketball players as they were all offered scholarships to attend the University of Kansas for two years, for their outstanding performance in their high school leaving examination. After two years they can be drafted into the NBA League to play on the All- Star Team.

Scene 1: (At the airport)

Mothers of the 4 friends: Boys make us proud and remember what you learned in Sabbath school and at home. Don’t let friends carry you astray as you know friends could carry you but they cannot bring you.

Boys: Yes mummy, we know we will make you proud. We promise!

Mothers:  Bye sons. We will miss you. (cries softly)

(Audio recording of the airplane taking off.)

(Walks on to the plane while seated the boys have a conversation)

Boy 1: Guys you realize that this is the first time we are leaving our village to go abroad. I wonder how different Kansas is from ( current place: Lluengo). I wonder if they are as friendly as us or if the weather will be just right not too hot not too cold. (Still wonders to himself)

Boy 2: Time will tell (boy 1’s name inserted). But let’s not focus on all of that. Let’s be happy we were the few who got selected for such a grand opportunity.

Boy 3: I can’t wait for these 2 years to be finished so I could finally play on my dream team.

Boy 4:Yes boy me too, but remember we have to keep working hard. We can’t slack off at all.

Boy 1: That is a must, work hard or go home. (Everyone agrees and laughs heartily.)

(Audio recording with plane landing and flight attendant asking passengers to disembark)




Scene 2

Narrator:  The four friends have finally arrived on campus.

Coach T: Welcome to the University of Kansas and congratulations on topping your class.  I am Coach T and I expect that you will continue to work hard while here on campus. Our training begins in the morning from 6 am.  Twelve (12) hours a day, five (5) days a week no excuses will be taken. Have I made myself clear. (In a stern tone)

Boys: Yes sir!

Boy 1: Hmmm Coach T not making joke boy.

Boy2:Yeah boy but with God’s help we can make it.

Boy 3: I agree.

Boy 4: Let’s just pray for God to keep us strong to the end.

Boy 1: That is a brilliant idea. (Huddles in a circle and prays.)

Boys: Amen

Scene 3

(Audio recording of an alarm clock indicating a new day)

Coach T: (Blows whistle loudly.)  Let’s warm up. Give me 30 shuttles, 100 push- ups, 100 sit ups, 100 mountain climbers)

Boys:( Follows instructions as given.)

Narrator: The four friends continue to pray each day asking the Lord for the strength to stay committed to the end. The two years were almost up and little did they know their faith in God will be tested at all cost.

Other boys on the team: Hey guys what yall doing tonight?

Boy 1: Sleep, I guess.

Other boys on the team: Sleep could wait let’s just chill a bit to relax from all this work coach T giving us.

Boys: (They all agree.) Yeah that sounds like a great plan. we could free up a bit tonight.




Scene 4

(Party scene with other students drinking, smoking, eating unclean meats, dancing)

Boys: What is this? I thought you said we coming to relax.

Boy from the team:Yes look around you, look how much fun we are having. Take this edible it will relax all of your muscles.

Another boy from the team: Drink a beer, eat some shrimps, lobster, pork chops I heard they are the best.

Boy1: We cannot partake in this and defile our bodies. God will not be pleased if we do.

Boys from the team: Haha is God you say. What God has to do with this?

Boy 2: Everything! He created our bodies to dwell in us. If we defile ourselves with these unholy things he would not be able to live in us.

Boy from the team: Well have it your way. You are missing a whole lot of fun church boys. (they make fun of them calling them church boys repeatedly)

Boy 3: You can call us what you want but in ten days we will see who makes the cut. Your poor choices will have consequences.

Boy from the team: Whatever church boys. Ha, ha, ha!

Narrator: The four friends continue to eat their nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables and drink their water. After the ten days were over, they looked fairer and stronger than their teammates. The day they all waited for finally had arrived.

Scene 5

(Scene showing how the boys from the team were missing the ball but the four friends were alert and scored all the points.) (victory dance) Sign Language He wants it all today

Narrator: The four friends (name inserted) were faithful to the end in spite of the many challenges they encountered. They were drafted into the All-Star Team while their counterparts looked on enviously. Boys and girls, brothers and sisters you too can stand up for what you believe in no matter how difficult the circumstance is. Stand up for God and His principles and He will stand up for you. Have a blessed Sabbath day.






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OYARO DANIEL (not verified), Oct 25 2022 - 8:16pm
Fellow SDAs, our GOD is very, very powerful. Do you know what, only HE needs strong prayers and good faith. HE is able! Be bless amen.
Default User Image
jane (not verified), Nov 14 2022 - 11:34am
Default User Image (not verified), Mar 08 2023 - 4:01pm
Very interested
Default User Image
Anonymous (not verified), Jul 24 2023 - 1:10am
Thank you so much. It's really nice
Default User Image
Kiki Puruto (not verified), Dec 02 2023 - 6:46pm
Thanks for the encouraging thought to secure our children from this wordly inclination. Trust and obey

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