How to create an appetite for your programs at church

We just love the Sabbath..., do you love the sabbath?

It is a time to put 100% focus on worshipping our Creator and to rest from all the cares of the world for about 24 hours. The peace we experience is incomparable to anything else. That is what God intended for us when He made the Sabbath. A time to acknowledge God as Creator and for us to find physical and spiritual rest so we can rest in his promises.

The Sabbath is also a time when we, the leaders in the flock, get to tell everyone how awesome our God is. The responsibility is ours to make this spiritual food as tasty 😋 as possible, without compromising the main ingredient, the Bread 🍞 of Life, which is the word 📖 of God. We sometimes do a terrible job of preparing the word of God. If all we do is spend just a few minutes to do up a basic program, with barely any biblical content and no creativity to maintain the interest of the listeners. We cannot then blame the congregation when they say that people nowadays have no hunger and thirst for righteousness.

We should imagine preparing sabbath programs just as how we would make sabbath lunch. Imagine this, what if every week you created a program that is comparable to preparing sabbath lunch.

Would it be a meal of bread and butter with a drink of sugar and water, or would it be a diverse selection of delectable dishes?
Would your meal comprise of healthy plant-based recipes, nutritionally prepared to cover all the dietary needs, yet tasty to the bite?
If these meals are scrumptiously prepared, would anyone be late for lunch the next week?
Would they decide to sleep in at home instead of coming out for a meal? Maybe some would, but for those who come, they would take back the stories of the fantastic meal that they had.

This heavenly preparation can only be accomplished by spending some extra time and effort planning your program.
Be deliberate and intentional in your planning, as well as in defining the solid outcomes you want from your programs.

We try to do this as much as we can with our programs; unfortunately, we cannot build them for every specific congregation's needs.
There are about 16,000 church leaders from across the world who are subscribed to our weekly programs.  So I encourage you to take these programs and make them your own.

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