Ideas for Global Youth Day this Sabbath

Hi [First Name],
We've been on a journey exploring the three most essential components that every Sabbath School and AY program should have to be impactful.

To recap, the first component was Emotion. Are your sabbath programs setting the emotional tone of the congregation? If not, don't worry; you can always implement this at any stage, remember that the tone and volume of your voice are sometimes a lot more impactful than the words that you speak. Your congregation may be grieving, troubled with sickness, or stagnated by the mundane, it is your responsibility to take on the characteristic of the Emotion you wish to convey.

The Spiritual impact was the second component that we addressed. At the end of each program, each individual should have learned at least one lesson that will improve their relationship with God. The outcome of a spiritually centered program is measurable spiritual growth and religious improvement.

This leads us to the final component, the Physical impact. A program that is well planned will engage all the human senses. Watching, and listening to someone speak at the front of a church is engaging to some people. However, others need a more personal connection.

Actual physical touch, such as handshakes, hugs, and person-to-person prayer, can enhance that connection. Some persons in your congregation may live a fast-paced life and may not have the opportunity for human contact. However, in these times of social distances tweeks can be made to this entity. Group prayers is a great way to bring people together while social distancing. Creative welcomes that allow persons to greet without actually touching. You can achieve this by facilitating brief conversations with persons seated next to each other. Interactive welcomes are another way to encourage physical connection.

 Engage the congregation by asking that groups make presentations after discussing a topic, then sharing their findings. Ask these groups to collaborate and present together in the form of song, poem, skit.  Request testimonies from congregants. Testimonies strengthen the faith of the brethren. Read the scripture reading responsively. Sing congregational hymns.
Remember that there are many ways to engage people. Meet your members where they are. When they experience a personal and intimate value from your church programs, they'll want to come back. Humans desire interpersonal and physical engagement, provide for this need in your programs.

Global Youth Day is approaching on Sabbath March 20th, 2021. Have you chosen your church's outreach project? This year's theme is: "REACHING OUT: CULTURES, COLOURS, COMMUNITIES."

We understand that there are limitations to planning this year and it will not be a traditional year of community action, but there is still plenty that can be done to impact the community, whilst still remaining safe and adhering to safety guidelines in your region. Here are some ideas - let's hear some of yours!

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