Sabbath Programs is a self-funded evangelistic project that aims to improve the quality of church programs around the world. We reach over 21,000 users each month across more than 170 countries, sharing high-quality and engaging programs with the aim to improve the quality of service and lead people to a closer relationship with God.

We have heard from hundreds of users and church leaders about how we have positively impacted their services. There is much more work to be done and many more hours of writing new programs, providing sabbath school lesson study resources and engaging the community on our email list.

If you found the work we do to be useful, we would greatly appreciate it if you become a donor. Your contribution would help to be a great motivation for us to keep the website updated with new programs and content. Your donation will be greatly appreciated as we push the frontier of evangelism over the internet to the deepest corners of the world. Will you join us?

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