How to Improve your church's program rating ★☆☆☆☆

Have you ever purchased a product that was just so good, so extraordinary, so above expectations that it became the topic of all your conversations? Did you call your friends and family to recommend the product? Your phone call could convert a loved one into a lifelong customer of that brand.


Advertisers know that the most powerful marketing technique is word-of-mouth. Your recommendations and testimonials make considerable differences in businesses. As church leaders, we all know the power of a great testimony. On e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, many of the customers buy products primarily based on the reviews.


The good news of salvation is the most transformational message ever heard. The gospel has transformed murderers, drunkards, liars and thieves and brought them to a saving relationship with Jesus that turned their lives around. Even society's biggest outcasts, after giving their lives to Jesus became transformed and lived impactful lives. God has shown up in the lives of those who surrendered their will to Him. Has he turned things around time and time again! Have you ever experienced Jesus? Will you recommend Him? 


What review will you give of the Lord?


Many visitors come to our churches to experience the Saviour. When persons visit our churches, what review will they give of the programs and the people? Would they feel like they got introduced to the best news of salvation? Would they feel like they supped at the feet of the Master? Can they recommend that at your church they tasted and saw that the Lord was good? 


The reality is after being away from church for so long and finding alternative services online; persons can choose to go elsewhere, or nowhere. Why would someone choose to attend your congregation?


As leaders, we all know the power of a good testimony. Are we designing our services to gain the five-star reviews? Not just a review that exalts how excellent the program or the music was, but one that expressed how your program brought them closer to knowing the Lord.

Next week, we will look at some ways to improve your program to achieve lifelong customers. 


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