I know what you did last Sabbath

Each sabbath, we come to church, listen to the programs, sit in sabbath school class, hear the sermon then go home. Do you remember what was said at church on the last sabbath? For many, the answer will be no.

Most times, the lessons taught are not revised and reinforced to the hearer, and sometimes, they get lost in the abyss of memory. Here is a method that encourages repetition and remembrance.

Before each sabbath school and lesson study session, set aside 2 minutes to do a short revision of the major points discussed the week before. 

To make this an effortless process, start the planning one week ahead of time and jot down the points during that week's lesson review. 

Begin the lesson review by sharing the answers to any critical questions that came up. Refer to how those answers impact the current week's lesson.

Make provision for a burning question but resist to urge to spend added time on the previous week's reading at the current study's expense.

A revision also serves to get members who missed a previous week at church in sync with the quarterly progress. 

The sabbath school secretary's report should revise the previous sabbath school program's high points. Carry out these simple practices weekly to the benefit of cementing the beautiful words of life in the congregation's minds.

This week is the thirteenth sabbath. It is the perfect time to utilise revision. Have the adults repeat their memory verses and lesson summary as a method of encouragement for younger ones.

Ask the younger ones to discuss points of their lesson. You can even ask a young child to preach and officiate in all the church's major segments.

Be creative this sabbath, but most importantly, spread the message in a way that persons in your congregation will remember it. 


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