What to do on Sabbaths?

The sabbath can mean a lot of different things to each person. For some, the sabbath is a time when all family members are home and present with each other. For some, it might be the only time they get to rest from a week of hectic work. For some, there is little time for physical rest because they are very active in the operations of the church. However, they find relief from the cares of the world to focus on the work of the Lord.
It is very often that when we speak about the sabbath, we focus on the things we should not do and not what we can do to make the sabbath a blessing.
In this period of quarantine, the sabbath routines for many of us have been thrown out of order. Parents have become sabbath school teachers for toddlers and have no time to watch sermons online. Sabbath Keepers who live in a home with non-sabbath keepers are having a hard time. Many elderly persons for whom the church was their only form of social interaction have lost a significant aspect of their social well-being.

While some people struggle to find themselves on the sabbath, many have been raving about how wonderful their sabbaths have been.  They get to spend time alone with God in deep study and meditation without the former distractions or formality. Whenever there is a split like this in experiences for the same crisis, it is usually worthwhile to start having open discussions to share how we, as individuals and families keep the sabbath.

Find persons to give their testimonies of how they keep the sabbath and the routines that they practice. You will find many differences between families and households. Try to create an atmosphere of learning and appreciation instead of being judgemental because your practices differ.

Make a presentation on the blessings that the sabbath has to offer to those who choose to keep it. 

I pray that your time on sabbaths that God has made specifically for you,  from here on will be filled with joy and happiness.




Even when you are home and can't make it to church, the sabbath school lessons offer loads of great biblical insight. Get a deeper appreciation of the word by using these sabbath school lesson resources to aid in your study.

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