Growing like a Tree in 2023

the 2023 tree

As we embrace the new year of 2023, I encourage you to consider the metaphor of growing like a tree. Just as a tree begins with a tiny seed, we also start small in our faith journeys. But with time, care, and nourishment, we can grow stronger and taller, reaching new heights and bearing the fruit of the Spirit for others to enjoy.


As we face challenges and opportunities in the coming year, remember that God is with us every step of the way. Just as a tree is rooted in the ground, our faith can anchor us and provide a strong foundation when storms come our way. And just as a tree extends its branches and reaches for the sun, we can also strive to spread God's love and light to those around us.


So let's embrace the new year with hope and determination, trusting in God's plan for our lives. Let's be diligent in pursuing spiritual growth, seeking ways to learn and grow in our faith. And let's remember that no matter what the year brings, God is always with us, guiding and sustaining us along the way.


I pray that each of you will experience a year of abundant growth and blessings in 2023. May you thrive like a tree, reaching new heights and bearing fruit for God's kingdom.


As you plan your programs for this sabbath, feel free to use this theme and share your encouragement for 2023.


Encourage your congregation to 

  1. Plant Seeds of Faith in 2023
  2. Drink from the Water of Life in 2023
  3. Grow Roots of Resilience in 2023
  4. Grow Stronger Together in 2023
  5. Rise to New Heights in 2023
  6. Branch Out in 2023
  7. Blossom in 2023
  8. Experience Fruitful Living in 2023


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