Small Group Online Church Programs

We have spoken at length about how your church can make online service great for the entire congregation. If implemented correctly, these tips should work well and impact the members of your church. Yet still, online presentations to large groups will not feel natural to a large percentage of people. To them, they feel distant, and just a number on the screen in the viewers count. This feeling is especially true if the services are being broadcast from the conference level. Your members see no familiar faces and have very little opportunity to contribute. They may also get the feeling as if they would not be missed if they disconnected.

This can be addressed, to an extent by doing small group meetings. Use existing unit leaders, Sabbath school teachers, elders or deacons to lead out in small group worship sessions. These can be either by telephone conference calling or by using tools such as WhatsApp (now supports eight-member conference calls), Zoom, etc. in small groups.

You can choose to do a lesson study, Friday or Sabbath evening vespers services, Bible class or a Sunday and Wednesday evening service with just about 4 to 10 persons. This type of fellowship creates an intimate environment where everyone's voice can be heard, and more personal connections made.

Need ideas on how to do sabbath school small group lesson review online? Check out our weekly sabbath school lesson resource page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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