This Will Make Every Sabbath a Special Program

Music is vital in each church service. But should the opportunity to give praises only be given to extremely talented persons? Or can we all be allowed to minister?

Music is sometimes the main ingredient in a "special program". Having two or more special music selections can completely change the atmosphere of the church. However, finding persons to perform these musical selections can be difficult in many churches.

On the one hand, several churches are fortunate to have a vibrant music culture; a five-person praise team, a band of musicians, a choir and soloist. However, in other churches, the main form of music is congregational singing and getting persons to commit to delivering special music is difficult. 

 In churches with exceptional singers, there might be a fear of not meeting a certain standard. In churches with little or no musicians, there also might be a fear of performing, because no one believes that they have the talent for singing.

Persons tend to be far less critical of speakers who are not "well-spoken" as opposed to singers and musicians who are learning to glorify God with music.

If your church is having difficulty in the music area, you can begin an initiative called Everybody Praise or Lift every Voice.  The idea is to create an environment that is encouraging to all singers. Specify a time in the service where you invite regular members as soloists, or in groups to perform a song or poetry. Ideally, it would be best if you started with the lesser-known singers so willing persons will feel comfortable and join this initiative. Now and then, have seasoned musicians participate, so it does not get branded as an amateur session.

Every human and animal with breath was created to worship God. And so, God has blessed us all with talents that can give Him praise. Ask families, persons who were once very involved in music, small groups or departments such as children, women, teens, community services department, AY leaders etc. to participate. After each person or group ministers, thank them for their service and give God the praise, regardless of the quality. 

I pray that this method will add vibrancy to every program and life to your church. 

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