Sabbath Reopening Guideline


By this time, some countries have begun lifting the COVID-19 restrictions.

Although there is talk about the possibility of a second or third wave, churches should carefully and prayerfully soldier on with preparations for the eventual return of members and find ways to navigate the new normal.


Nothing catches God unaware, and He allowed the church body to choose you to be a leader during this time of uncertainty because he found you, {Firstname}, to be capable of adding significant value at such a time as this. 


Suggested solutions:

  • Educate your members: Even before your church reopens, your church should prepare a brief or document with guidelines for members. This document should include safety tips, proper sanitation practices, seating arrangments, etcetera. 
  • In some countries, there are even regulations instructing that the entire church service be as short as 1 hour. Ensure your programs are planned to deliver high value in the limited amount of time.
  • Segment programs with different times: You can suggest to your church that Sabbath School takes the first session, and Divine Hour takes another session. That way, members can choose which service they want to attend. Ensure a record is kept at each service.
  • You can choose to use the abbreviated service times to do an outdoor program. Take church into your community; many want to hear the good news of Salvation. Outdoors allows for the easier observance of social distancing.
  • If you choose to remain at church and condense the program, then ensure you use your time wisely. Choose engaging topics, lusty hymns and encouraging scripture so members can feel refreshed after church each week. 
  • Stream services online so no one feels left out.


Let us continue to pray that these restrictions are lifted soon, and worship can return to the intimate, joyous fellowship that it was before. Even though many of us are anxious to return to a fellowship like the olden days, it is essential to emphasise adherence to the laws of the land in which you reside.


What are some of the ways your local church is adjusting to the new normal?

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