Sabbath Will Never be the Same

Hi, What's happening at your church this Sabbath?
Can the members of your church predict what will happen this week?
Do they think it is the same-old-same-old monotonous oral presentation they will receive this week?
Do they already believe they won't miss anything by being late, or even not showing up?
Are your fellow members scarred from a history of poorly planned programs and inconsistent quality?

Regardless of whether or not this is true... This Sabbath won't be the same.

You have found this resource of creative and engaging ideas that you can use to improve your program quality drastically. So this Sabbath won't be the same.

You perhaps did a great program last Sabbath as a panel discussion or quiz, but this week you will be going outdoors or doing a bible game, or a group presentation. Implementing a change in program format and switching things up will ensure that this Sabbath won't be the same.

Last Sabbath, you may have made plans at the last minute, but you read the 9 steps to make sabbath school interesting article and learned that preparation is essential. So this week, you are getting this reminder to call and confirm all your participants today.  Preparation ensures that this Sabbath won't be the same.

Maybe last Sabbath was a "Special Day," and your program was flawless. You took one of our ideas, made it your own, did proper planning, and your church was blessed. But unfortunately, the Sabbath after a special day can seem unexciting compared to the program before.
But not this Sabbath, because you and your team have prepared for every program two weeks in advance. Now every week has a 'special program ensuring that this Sabbath won't be the same.

Yet, this Sabbath will be the same, the same as the next Sabbath, because you have committed to being consistent. Every week will show that you are using your God-given talent to its fullest. The congregation will expect the same level of high quality, bible-based, spirit-filled, and edifying programs every week from now on.

To help you make this possible, here are our weekly programs:

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