Here is a Gift to make you fall in love this Sabbath xoxo

Hi [First Name],

On February 14th, the world celebrates the pagan holiday, Valentine's Day. There is no doubt that the origins of the holiday are rooted in heathenism. It is then unfortunate that the secular world gets to use this day, with all the marketing and commercialism to define what it thinks love means.

It gives the wrong impression that true love exists only between intimate couples and is dependent on what someone does for you.

Fortunately, we have many sabbath schools and AY programs that describe the true meaning of love.

It is impossible to talk about love without knowing God because God is Love. If you don't know what love is, as defined by the bible, you can find out with this AY program, "I Want to Know What Love Is (Love Jeopardy Bible Quiz)." Or maybe you want to learn how to love from the inventor of love; you can look at this sabbath school program "5 Love Languages of God".

To emphasize the love of God to the churches, we are giving you other options is Sabbath School and AY Programs.

Whitney Houston said that learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all, find out if she was right with this sabbath school program "The Greatest Love of All." LOVE is really the only commandment. Jesus made this clear to us as when he came to earth. This is because love is the reflection of the character of Christ, and to love Him means putting on His character genuinely.

To express love for God and love for mankind is the reason we were made. This sabbath school program shows our real purpose if we embrace "The Power of Love." God allowed us to experience the love He has for us, "his bride," through the sanctity of the marriage relationship. Learn how we can see "God in Marriage and Relationships" in this AY Program.

For those who are single and searching....Click the video below and learn how to approach the throne of God for a husband. Praying for a spouse is very important when waiting for your love. Please share the video with women you know that are searching.


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