Do you study your sabbath school lesson?

Rohan and Valene here again with some great content for you from Sabbath Programs.
One of the most discouraging things for a sabbath school teacher is asking the class if anyone reviewed the lesson of the week, only to get a deafening silence. Or maybe just one or two hands from the regulars who are always prepared.
Here are 4 ways to encourage your sabbath school to review the lesson before class on Sabbath mornings.
  1. Encourage Personal and Family worship - A lack of study is sometimes a sign of worship habits. Encourage your members to have consistent morning and evening worship. The format may differ based on the specific situation of the members. Regardless of how it is done, encourage your members to carve out a particular time for lesson study. For some, this time may even be during their daily lunch break or while commuting to and from work or school.
  2. Send reminders - Send out a reminder to your class members early in the week. This is easier for a small class,  you can call each member or send a text message highlighting a point from the lesson. If your class is much bigger, try #3
  3. Start a social media group chat - A group chat over Facebook, WhatsApp, or whatever your members are comfortable using is an ideal way to communicate to your class during the week. You can use it to discuss points, send reminders, or just simply keeping in touch with your class members.
  4. Assign each member a day in the week that they should discuss on Sabbath - Randomly choose members to relate what they learned from a specific day's lesson. Rotate it among all the members of your class.
  5. Listen to the audio or watch the video version of the Lesson Study - Some people learn best from audio or video, plus you can listen to it while commuting to work or school, doing household chores or during exercise. We have the audio lesson study in our links below.

By applying any of the methods above, you or your class can ensure that you get a daily dose of God's word.

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