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The Adventist Youth Society is grounded by a set of principles that can be found in our Aim, Motto, Pledge and Song as listed below.

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The Advent message to all the world in my generation.


The love of Christ compels me.


Loving the Lord Jesus, I promise to take an active part in the work of the Adventist Youth Society, doing what I can to help others and to finish the work of the Gospel in all the world.


The salvation of youth through Jesus Christ. We understand youth ministry to be that work of the church that is conducted for, with, and by young people.


Adventist Youth are we, from every land and sea;
Together we pray, and work and play in happy harmony. 

We have a faith to share with others everywhere: 
A message of love from God above, to show the world we care

Adventist Youth! Adventist Youth! Adventist Youth!

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Adventist youth are we
From every land and sea
Together we pray, we work and play
A                       E
In happy harmony
We have a faith to share
With others everywhere
A message of love from God above
B                  A             E
To show the world we care

Adventist youth! Adventist youth!
Adventist youth!

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Our Adventist Youth (AY) principles were not deeloped on a whim, but each prinicple listed in the Aim, Motto Pledge and song has a spiritual basis aimed at both making disciples of all men and saving us as we seek to save others.

AIM: The Advent Message to All the World in My Generation

"How universal and at the same time how definite is this Aim! “The message” is that which the youth will take. “To all the world” is where the youth will take the message. “In this generation” tells us when it will be taken. The Aim requires ample knowledge of the message. No one can give to others that which he or she has not received. More is needed than a theoretical or intelligent concept of the message. Ultimately the heart must know, as well as the intellect. To know and feel the message, and to know and love the truth: these two conditions are necessary in order that the message might be carried to the world. Therefore, Adventist youth should not only know the Adventist message– know that Jesus will soon return–but their lives must give evidence that they really believe it."

Motto: The Love of Christ Compels Me

Inspired by this motto, Adventist youth all over the world, in harmony with the marvelous aim, move forward in the conquest of souls for the kingdom of God. The motto, based on 2 Cor. 5:14, is the motivating force in the Adventist youth movement. Without love, there is only formation and certain failure. With the love of Christ success is sure, because it is a love that never deceives us. This is the love that always triumphs. It advances in the face of any difficulty until the task is done, the conflict won, and the victory achieved.


Loving the Lord Jesus. This introductory thought directs our minds toward the motto of Adventist youth. It is the impelling force of the pledge and the movement of Adventist youth. The value of service for the Master is measured by the love and dedication with which Adventist youth serve Him. Does the Lord Jesus completely direct the life?

I promise. The word promise is synonymous, in this case, with desire, and can revolutionize the life. Promise means that youth are not dominated by someone else, but rather are ready and willing to follow the Lord.s leading. They have a purpose, and are committed. This means that the youth are available for action, and will decide for the best in life. They will follow the proposed path with determination and will keep their eyes fixed on the goal. The Master can count on them to fulfill their promises completely.

To take an active part in the work of the Adventist Youth Society. This means to be involved in the activities of the AY Society, including the meetings and witnessing outreach. The Adventist youth will always be ready to help someone and will support his or her AY Society and church in their various activities.

Doing what I can to help others. This is a commitment that denotes readiness and dedication on behalf of others. It means to do one.s best for a cause, and represents the greatest effort to help in every phase of activity within the organization of the Adventist Youth Society and in the church. The true Adventist youth is always ready to take advantage of every opportunity to serve.

And to finish the work of the gospel in all the world. This last part of the Adventist Youth pledge urges the youth to think of the AYS aim. It represents the extension of the divine mandate of our Lord Jesus in a universal scope. It is a challenge to the youth to understand the divine command. First in Jerusalem, then in Judea, then in Samaria, and finally unto the ends of the earth.

Adventist youth can help in four different ways to finish the ask: Living consecrated lives, making themselves available for every opportunity to serve, praying for the Lord’s work both locally and worldwide, and giving sacrificially of their own financial means to spread the gospel and finish the Lord’s work. Thus they enter into true stewardship, giving their time, their talents, their means, and themselves.

Senior Adventist Youth Anthem meaning

The meaning of AY song is self-explanatory


Source: Youth Ministry Handbook and Leadership Training Manual. Ch. 3, P 31.

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