4 Simple Ways to safely reduce the social distance in your sabbath school class

While we are exercising social distancing in the physical sense, we can use technology to maintain our social closeness. 

Many students look forward to the sabbath school lesson study not only to share their learnings but also to get the unique perspective of many of our sabbath school teachers and classmates. Being away from the church restricts the opportunity to share your point of view in person. However, there are many ways to share your thoughts with your class and the church at large. Here are four simple ways to use technology to reduce the social distance in your sabbath school class.


1. Write a Summary

Take about an hour to go back through all the days of the week and write a summary of the entire week's lesson as if you were going to make a presentation. Include your viewpoints on what the reading meant to you.


2. Record Audio

Similar to the option of writing, use audio as a medium to convey your findings from the lesson as a summary. Sharing a voice note of your review will add an extra personal touch. Your fellow sabbath school members will be happy to hear a familiar voice.


3. Record a video

One step above audio is video. Seeing your friendly and familiar face will dramatically reduce the social distance between you and your church family. There is no need to be formal as if you are creating a video production. Just use a simple background and speak to the camera as if you are talking to a friend.


4. Go Live

Technology further gives us the ability to reduce social distance with live interactive video conversations. Give your lesson summary using Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube Live. Set up a scheduled webinar with Zoom or other video conferencing tools. You can use these tools to have conversations with your fellow members anytime during the week.


It is still unclear to us how long the countries of the world may be under physical lockdown. In the meantime, let us be compassionate and sympathetic to the needs around us. Let us also keep the avenues of fellowship open as we weather this storm together.


Sabbath School Lesson Resources

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