Poetic Hymns (AY)

Adventist Youth (AY)
Using the hymns in a poetic version to familiarize ourselves with them.
Program Aim
Getting to know hymns.
Scripture References
Psalm 100
Theme Song(s)
More about Jesus
Program Audience
Preparations and resources

The new and old SDA Hymnal

A.Y Hymns



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Bush (not verified), Jan 18 2020 - 12:20am
Great songs
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Yvonnecha (not verified), Jan 03 2021 - 10:26pm
All the program ideas are very useful in making our programs unique every Sabbath. Thank You so much! May God will bless you abundantly.
Default User Image
Epa (not verified), Feb 07 2021 - 7:15pm
Thank you & God bless
Default User Image
Tessa (not verified), May 01 2021 - 7:16am
Thanks for sharing these programmes they have been an inspiration
Default User Image
Pet (not verified), May 29 2021 - 2:56pm
Thank you for your weekly programmes. They have been very instrumental in keeping the church programmes interesting, informative and inspiring. They are greatly appreciated. May the Lord continue to bless and inspire you. Thank you!
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Suminta Mason (not verified), Jun 25 2021 - 9:12pm
These programs are really inspirational and will draw us closer to God
Default User Image
Anonymous (not verified), Aug 18 2021 - 9:44pm
Great program ideas. Thanks for sharing
Default User Image
Sher (not verified), Sep 27 2021 - 11:38pm
Great ideas, thank you and God bless
Default User Image
Anonymous (not verified), Nov 27 2021 - 2:10am
Thank you for sharing
Default User Image
Noime Gavileno (not verified), Nov 27 2021 - 2:10am
Thank you for sharing
Default User Image
Janett (not verified), Apr 21 2022 - 8:54pm
Thank you for the programs sent. May God bless you and your team continuously
Default User Image
Archel (not verified), Apr 22 2022 - 3:58am
Thank you for the weekly update.
Default User Image
Shaniel (not verified), May 03 2022 - 12:05am
Thank you for sharing the programs they are great.
Default User Image
Miriam Bortey (not verified), Jun 27 2022 - 10:42am
Such a great program. Can we use it as our Monday meetings programs as well. Here in Ghana, the youth meets every Monday to learn.

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