“Trained by my Trials-The Dreamer”

Adventist Youth (AY)
Sabbath School
To highlight one Bible character’s journey through various trials and tribulations and reveal how they overcame the same through short dialogue, skit, monologue and music.
At the end of the programme, we want the congregation to know that we are just pilgrims passing through and indeed, God has his hands on us.
Program Aim
At the end of the programme, we want the congregation to know that we are just pilgrims passing through and indeed, God has his hands on us.
Scripture References
Jeremiah 29:11
Theme Song(s)
099 Be not Dismayed
Program Audience
Preparations and resources

Persons for the skit and Special Music

Feel free to use youtube for songs if you don't have enough singers


A child is known by his deeds, and consciously and or subconsciously, parents may favour one child over the other. This is oftentimes seen in how the child is treated or the special favours given to that particular child. This is not a good practice, and Ellen White said that Joseph developed behaviours that had to be broken before his journey to Leader. God is the best teacher, and in his love, he uses our trials to train us for our blessings in this life and the next life. Are you open to be trained by our Trials?

Scene 1

Joseph and his brothers on stage (Shechem and Ruben) 

Joseph: to one side of the stage, walking around miming and kneeling etc.

Brothers: To the side talking about Joseph and why everybody loves him, they look at him in disdain and or contempt. 

Joseph: Runs to them to tell the dream he received. They question his motives.

Brothers: hated Joseph even more. 


Opening Song: He has his hands on you (Jesus is a rock) 

Scripture: Jeremiah 29 v11

Prayer: Hear our earnest prayer oh Lord / The Lord’s Prayer



Josephs brothers hearts were fuelled with jealousy and hatred for Joseph. Their carnal side caused them to devise a plan that will get rid of Joseph permanently.


Scene 2:

The Plot to Kill/ Hide/ Sell Joseph 

Brothers: I am done with Joseph, he is fathers favourite, he is always telling father about the things we are doing

Brother: I think it’s time to get rid of him.

Brother: But how, I think we should kill him and bury him, so he is never found.

Brother: Let us dig a pit and throw him in and leave him for dead.

Brother: Let us sell him and use the money any way we like.

Joseph: Brothers father sent me with your food.

Brothers: grab Joseph and place him in a hole.


Song: He’s going to let you know OR #099 God will take care of you

Any other appropriate song of your liking


Mission Story – (Joseph’s monologue)

Joseph’s Monologue. 

Do a summary of the story of Joseph detailing the trials he would have faced while being in the hole and on his journey after being sold.

(Emphasise the point: God is training me by my trials and so you must trust him )


Alternate Mission Story:

Regular mission story with somebody telling their story of how there trial trained them for greatness? 


Song: Praise is What I do (Or any other song that will fit )


Scene 3:

Joseph flee from Potiphar’s wife. 

Potiphar’s wife: Joseph you work for my husband therefore you work for me.

Joseph: Madam what do you mean?

Potiphar’s wife: Looks at Joseph seductively and tells him to come

Joseph: What kind of trails is this? How can I do this great wickedness and sin against my God

Joseph Flees, Potiphar’s wife grabs his clothing.


Song: He never promise that the cross would not be heavy


Lesson study 

Scene 4:

Joseph was thrown in jail (will need cellmates) Joseph ministers to the cellmates then asked to interpret the King’s dream. 

Song: I bless your name  


Final Scene: 

Joseph’s rise to the Palace

King: I now pronounce you my right-hand man with responsibility for food throughout the land.


Closing Remarks

Children of God must believe that God works all things together out for good to them who love God and are called according to his purpose. God is doing great work in our lives and we must let him. Do not be a hindrance to the work of Christ; instead, just trust him and be still. 

Joseph said to them, “ Don’t be afraid. Am I in place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

What is God speaking to you this morning? He is just telling you this morning that He loves you, and it will be okay. He knows what you are going through, and he has dispatched his angels to assist you. He is on the matter. 

God is offering you His peace during a troubling moment and telling you it won’t last forever. Will you trust him and be trained by your trials?


Closing Song: I made it 

Closing Prayer:







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Sereima Adilaca (not verified), Apr 12 2023 - 4:19am
Thank you for this wonderful program. I appreciate the theme with its bible reading looking forward to learn more.
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Renand Joseph (not verified), Apr 04 2024 - 7:16pm
Thank you for your programs... rich in knowledge, may God of heaven and earth lead you and continue to bless you.

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