The parable of the Ten Virgins

Sabbath School
As Christ sat looking upon the party that waited for the bridegroom, He told His disciples the story of the ten virgins, by their experience illustrating the experience of the Church that shall live just before His second coming.
Program Aim
As Christ sat looking upon the party that waited for the bridegroom, He told His disciples the story of the ten virgins, by their experience illustrating the experience of the Church that shall live just before His second coming.
Scripture References
Matthew 25:44
Theme Song(s)
595 Let Every Lamp be Burning Bright
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Opening Hymn #595 Let Every Lamp be Burning Bright

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:44




Opening Remarks by the Superintendent:

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath members and visiting friends. We are grateful to God that we can be here another Sabbath day.

Our Opening song was Let every lamp be burning bright. Why should we keep our lamps burning bright?  The answer is our Master draweth near and we need to be ready.

The topic for today is The Parable of the Ten Virgins. It is one of the well-known parables of Jesus. According to the Gospel of Matthew 25:1-13, the five virgins who are prepared for the bridegroom's arrival are rewarded, while the five who are not prepared are disowned. The parable has a clear theme: Be prepared for the Day of Judgment.

As Christ sat looking upon the party that waited for the bridegroom, He told His disciples the story of the ten virgins, by their experience illustrating the experience of the Church that shall live just before His second coming.

Narrator 1:             Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.


Superintendent:     Who do the virgins represent? The Bible clearly teaches us that a woman represents the Church. In Revelation 12 we have the pure woman who represents God's church. The very fact that Christ is the Bridegroom in this story, makes the bride, the ten virgins, THE CHURCH.


Narrator 1:             While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.


Superintendent:     ALL of the virgins slumbered and slept which means ALL of God's church is sleeping.

Lingering near the bride's house the ten young virgins robed in white. Each carries a lighted lamp and a small flagon of oil. All are anxiously watching for the appearance of the bridegroom.

But there is a delay. Hour after hour passes; the virgins become weary and fall asleep.  Are we tired of waiting for our Savior’s return?

Narrator 1:             And at midnight there was a cry made, "Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him."


Enactment of the virgins waking up



Superintendent:        The sleepers, suddenly awaking, spring to their feet.

                                    They see the procession moving on, bright with                 torches and glad with music. They hear the voice of           the bridegroom and the voice of the bride.

         The ten maidens seize their lamps and begin to trim       them, in haste to go forth. But five have neglected to        fill their flasks with oil.  They did not anticipate so             long a delay, and they have not prepared for the                emergency. In distress they appeal to their wiser               companions saying,

Foolish Virgins:         Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

Smart Virgins:          Not so, lest there be not enough for us and you: but          go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves."

Narrator 1:                And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came;       and they that were ready went in with him to the              marriage: and the door was shut.

Superintendent:        Afterward came also the other virgins, saying:

Foolish Virgins:         Lord, Lord, open to us!

Narrator 1:                But he answered and said, Verily I say to unto you,          I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know               neither the day or the hour wherein the Son of              man          cometh.

Special Music :                   Midnight Cry Song or Video

Superintendent:        Saddest of all words that ever fell on mortal ear are            those words of doom, "I know you not."

As we can see from the parable, the two classes of watchers represent the two classes who profess to be       waiting for their Lord. They are called virgins because they profess a pure faith. These virgins represent us in the church. The lamps represent the word     of God. The psalmist says, "Thy word is a lamp unto    my feet, and a light unto my path."  Ps. 119:105. The     vessel represents our heart and the oil is a symbol of        the Holy Spirit. A lamp without oil cannot shine. Which side will we fall on brethren? Which words will we hear?

Special Music – Hymn no. 416 The Judgment Has Set


Lesson study


Closing Remarks

In the parable, all the ten virgins went out to meet the bridegroom. All had lamps and vessels for oil. For a time, there was seen no difference between them. So, it is with the church that lives just before Christ's second coming. All have a knowledge of the Scriptures. All have heard the message of Christ's near approach, and confidently expect His appearing.

But as in the parable, so it is now. A time of waiting intervenes, faith is tried; and when the cry is heard, "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to .0meet Him," many are unready. They have no oil in their vessels. They are destitute of the Holy Spirit. Without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, men will not be able to distinguish truth from error in the last days.

We cannot be ready to meet the Lord by waking when the cry is heard, and then gathering up our empty lamps to have them replenished. We cannot keep Christ apart from our lives here, and yet be fitted for His companionship in heaven and we cannot be saved by the relationship that others have with Jesus.

The coming of the bridegroom was at midnight--the darkest hour. So, the coming of Christ will take place in the darkest period of this earth's history. The days of Noah and Lot pictured the condition of the world just before the coming of the Son of man.

The Bible tells us so it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the day of the Son of man.

I pray that all of us who are here this morning and our family members will be like the wise virgins and we will go forth with our lambs to meet the Bridegroom for whom we have waited so long. Brethren, how shall we be able to stand on that great day.



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Marguerite Philoe (not verified), May 15 2020 - 2:55am
Thank you Brother Smith for sending me these wonderful Sabbath School programmes that will definitely bring new changes and excitements in the children's Sabbath School activities. I've gone through them and find them stimulating and having an educative value for both children and adults, especially visitors. When the church will be opened again, I am looking forward to using them. May God bless you in your ministry and I hope that many hearts are touched and changed by those wonderful programmes.
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Sarah peters (not verified), Aug 22 2020 - 10:10am
I pray that all of us who are here this morning and our family members will be like the wise virgins and we will go forth with our lambs to meet the Bridegroom for whom we have waited so long. Brethren, how shall we be able to stand on that great day.
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Silent (not verified), Sep 18 2020 - 5:27pm
It's so powerful
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Toyamicheal (not verified), Dec 08 2020 - 8:34am
Thank you
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Rebecca (not verified), Feb 26 2021 - 6:05pm
Great message.
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maribeth betito (not verified), Jun 04 2021 - 4:27am
Praise the Lord!
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Sandymae (not verified), Jun 04 2021 - 11:05pm
Wonderful programs weekly thanks for these inspired spirit filled God given programs
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Agiri Moses (not verified), Jun 07 2021 - 4:57am
Wonderful program... Really blesses with the massages in the program set..
Thank you so much.
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Pauline (not verified), Jun 07 2021 - 1:21pm
Very informitive
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Yanique Harvey (not verified), Jun 11 2021 - 10:36pm
Thank you Br. Smith, your programs have been helpful and well received at church whenever they are carried out. Pray God may continue to bless you and your team as you minister through these programs
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Joyce (not verified), Jun 17 2021 - 4:47am
I am bless by the programs thank you so much
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Anonymous (not verified), Jun 23 2021 - 3:21am
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Hazel zulu (not verified), Jul 08 2021 - 4:34pm
Praise God for these interactive programs very effective in spreading the good news.
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Mazvita Ropafa… (not verified), Jul 16 2021 - 11:50am
Thank you for the powerful message. It really gave me new insights on the story of the ten Virgins. Powerful and educative
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Buay Tong (not verified), Jul 23 2021 - 3:26am
thanks you so much for presenting this interesting topic God bless you
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Daniel Brammie (not verified), Aug 09 2021 - 2:08am
Wow powerful indeed my brother God Bless you in your ministry
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Agatha (not verified), Oct 27 2021 - 5:11pm
Great Programs. Thank you.
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Dona Ince (not verified), Oct 27 2021 - 10:16pm
I welcome these programs and i am happy to say that i believe they make a big difference in my small church. Thank you much and God bless you and yours.
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Jean Quinatadcan (not verified), Oct 27 2021 - 11:35pm
Thank you very much for this wonderful presentation, very useful in our program especially for children in the Sabbath school. God bless your ministry.
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Benson benny (not verified), Oct 28 2021 - 3:05am
Marvelous I shall enjoy with church members this sabbath
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Ms. Amoy (not verified), Oct 28 2021 - 1:14pm
Thanks so much for your great insights and for your uplifting ideas which has helped me as a superintendent. Lord, please help us all to be ready when You put in Your appearance. Help us not to stand by idly as we wait.
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Grace Gordon R… (not verified), Oct 30 2021 - 3:16am
Thank you. These programs have been very helpful and inspirational. They have helped me a lot.
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Anonymous (not verified), Oct 30 2021 - 3:30am
Thank you so much for this Sabbath School lesson. Keep up the good work, your reward will be great.
God bless you.
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Ms Davis (not verified), Oct 30 2021 - 11:47am
Thank you very much for these inspirational programs. They were very useful and interesting. Continue to let the Holy Spirit outpour blessings on you and your family. God bless you
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Anonymous (not verified), Nov 06 2021 - 1:06pm
Thank you oh how I wish to be among the wise who were prepared
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O B N (not verified), Dec 14 2021 - 10:54am
Thanks for sharing your program. May God continue to use you to be a channel of blessing to His people.
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Beverly (not verified), Jun 15 2022 - 11:00pm
Thank you for sharing the program.
It's really helpful as a child ministry assistant.
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Evelyn D (not verified), Sep 01 2022 - 11:13pm
Thank you for this educational guide to enlighten people's mind.
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Robin Apakali (not verified), Sep 04 2022 - 6:24am
Very inspiring Sabbath school program.
Thank you Rohan Smith.
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Thank you for sharing. This is of great help to all of us.
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Lorna (not verified), Sep 08 2022 - 6:57am
May the blessing of God continue to reign on you Brother Smith as you continue to listen to God who has inspired you to put these lessons together. You have caused the parable of "The Ten Virgins" to come alive. It was good. Thank you for sharing all of them and please know that I have been reading and sharing them as well. The dramatic aspect of the presentations is a very commendable style. God bless you and your team my brother and thanks for considering me a recipient of this powerful ministry.
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Teresa Mahinay (not verified), Sep 29 2022 - 5:34pm
Again thank you for the beautiful program suggestions and the inspiring messages. May God continue to bless you both more abundantly.
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Megan Andrews (not verified), Jan 12 2023 - 8:45pm
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Thanks for this
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Ellen (not verified), Jan 16 2023 - 8:09am
Thank You for sharing this passage I'm going to share it with others it makes me to search my heart and ask myself where will I be when the Lord appear in the clouds
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Anastacia T (not verified), Jan 20 2023 - 12:35pm
This is a great programme!! I’ll do this on Saturday for sure!!
Thank you for sharing

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