Lest we forget (Seventh Day Adventist Pioneers)

Sabbath School
The program entitled "Lest we forget" should enlighten us about the way God leads his remnant church from a small group of people who believed his coming would have been in the year 1844 to the multiplicity of the congregation that we are today.
Program Aim
To remind the congregation of the work of pioneers and their past work so we could aspire to do the same.
Scripture References
Deuteronomy 32:7,Romans 15:4
Theme Song(s)
#348: The church has one foundation
Program Audience
Preparations and resources

Three persons to depict the different characters of John Nevins Andrews, Joseph Bates and William Miller 

Utilize this Powerpoint presentation to enhance this sabbath school







The topic for today is "lest we forget" a look at church history and specifically church pioneers. I would like to do a quiz on your knowledge of the church. 

Can each person to turn to the person next to them, you are both asked to answer the following two questions that I am about to share with the congregation. 


If you are seated next to a visitor be sure to educate them on the answer to the questions.

1. What date was the great disappointment? October 22, 1844

  1. What is Ellen White's maiden name? Harmon


How many groups got the answers correct? 

(Give the answers to each question) 


I pray that as we continue to learn and grow that we don't forget the path that brought us here. I would take this time to welcome you to Sabbath school an encourage you that a seat is always here with your name on it. 

Scripture Reading and Prayer

Deuteronomy 32:7 (NIV)

Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you.

Romans 15:4

For whatsoever things were written afore-time were written for our learning that through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.


Opening Song(s) #348 The church has one foundation


Opening Remarks

Our remembrance and testimony of past experiences with God can anchor our faith while moving forward. Do you agree brethren?

Seventh-Day Adventists are futuristic minded people, as such, we are always cautious and sometimes even afraid to look back at history.

However, our favorite Author and Proclaimed Prophet of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Sis. Ellen G. White once penned the now famous statement, "we have nothing to fear for the future EXCEPT we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our history."

In Re­view and Herald, June 3, 1902. E. G. White further stated:

The experience of the past should be told them again and again, for they are to carry forward the work with the same humility and self-sacrifice that characterized the true workers in the past."

It is with these admonitions to tell of the experiences of the past that we embark on this program aptly titled lest we forget. The program examines three of our pioneers and their contribution to the church as we know it today.


Secretary's Report

We will now listen at this time as the Secretary Report is read to us by ………………………..


Mission Story 


The mission story can be done by conducting an interview with a member who was baptized a notable number of years. 

The interview questions can be as follows:


  • Please tell the congregation your name?
  • Was there anything in your history that contributed to the person and Christian you are today?
  • What are some of the activities/ programs you were involved in as a youth in the church?
  • Please share a scripture that has kept your faith in times of hardship?
  • Tell us something about the old time religion you wish was still practiced today?
  • Tell us a modern practice within the church you appreciate?
  • What advice would you give to the youth of today about holding on to Christ?


Special Music:

We will now listen to special music by


Main Feature


Use three persons to present the main points of each pioneer. They could be dressed in traditional wear to add to the intrigue of each character.


John Nevins Andrews (1829-1883)



I was born in the year 1829. I was an ardent student of the bible and made strides in developing much of the church's doctrine. In 1855, after a long and deep study session, I discovered that Sabbath began at the set of the sun on Friday afternoon. I also am responsible for registering the church as a legal entity that gave power to owning property etc. in 1874, I became the first SDA missionary in Switzerland. Unfortunately, I died of tuberculosis at the tender age of 54.



Joseph Bates (1792-1872)


I was born in 1792. I was the co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church along with James and Ellen White. Before this occurred, I was a sailor and sea captain and began my career at the age of 15. I spent 21 long years on the sea and returned to land in 1828 a much richer man at the age of 36. It was then I began a new career as a fisher of men and evangelist. This led me to become the first general conference president in Michigan in 1861. God was good to me and I lived until the age of 80 by practicing a simple and healthy diet.

William Miller (1782-1849)



I was born in 1782. I was a farmer, justice of the peace, sheriff, and Baptist preacher. I grew up with a strong religious background but as soon as I became of age I fell into the wrong crowd and changed. It wasn't until the age of 34 that I grew weary of that life and began studying the Bible deeply. This study led me to the prophecies that spoke to the first and Second Advent of our Lord. I studied Daniel 8 and 9 and calculated that Christ would return in the year 1843 or 1844. I began sharing about my findings of the second coming of Christ and over 100 000 persons believed. Although this turned into the great disappointment the Lord still used me to bring others closer to him. I died in 1849.


Superintendent's Closing Remarks

History means nothing unless we can apply it to our lives today. What were the lessons taught by our pioneers that we could model today?

These pioneers moved forward step by step under the influence of the Spirit of God and we should do the same. They were all students of the Word. They sought to change history by giving of themselves in faithful service, and we should do the same.

Let us allow God to use our talents in his service to move his work forward.


Sabbath School is now adjourned until next Sabbath.



Each program should be promoted or announced the previous Sabbath at the end of Sabbath School


Promotion Suggestion for this program:

Are you a historian and have longed to know a bit more of the history of our church. Please be at Sabbath School next Sabbath as we delve into the topic "Lest we forget".






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Akenesi Emi (not verified), Jan 15 2020 - 7:36am
Thank you so much for the wonderful program.
I really liked it and it really helps me alot to stay firm and courageous to this end time.God bless looking forward for more meaningful and helpful programs.
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Joe Joseph (not verified), Jan 16 2020 - 7:42am
I'm so interested in reading and learning about the Sabbath School programs.
I love it
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Nomakhaya.Elle… (not verified), Jan 17 2020 - 6:24am
Wow! I we all thank God for you. A big thank you for the inspirational program plans/ideas.my heart's desire is getting fulfilled by God through your guide. Please keep me and the Sabbath school committee in prayers. I'm blessed indeed
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that was amazing
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Jacob Tenai (not verified), Dec 26 2020 - 4:08am
Insightful to know our leaders
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Kingsley (not verified), Jul 09 2021 - 2:08am
This is a good program, God bless you all that side
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Joanne Joseph (not verified), Jul 09 2021 - 4:49pm
thank you so much for the programs, the formation of this website is absolutely amazing and we truly thanks God for using you and may He continue to be your guide in providing spirit filled programs.
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Sandra Anuonye (not verified), Jul 10 2021 - 5:30am
I always follow the Sabath School updates you give us. I really really enjoy your programs and it has also helped to make people in our branch Sabbath school to look forward to sabbath schools. I pray God blesses you and yours, Amen
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Sandra Frampton (not verified), Jul 10 2021 - 7:44pm
Thank you for an inspiring Sabbath School Programme
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Kasaya Yae (not verified), Jul 13 2021 - 9:34pm
An inspiring program Sabbath school program. I would try this in my church.
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Wonderful program as usual, thanks for the history lesson on our church, very informative. God bless your ministry continually 🙏
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Andrews Kwame (not verified), May 04 2023 - 11:55pm
Wow, fantastic programe am happy to be here. May the Almighty God continue shower His blessing upon your ministry.
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Bukelwa (not verified), Sep 29 2023 - 7:08am
Thank you so much for the Sabbath school program I learned a lot please keep on doing a good job for the Lord. may the good Lord bless you

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