Why Did I get married?

Sabbath School
The secular world has done a lot to undermine the sanctity and permanence of marriage. Learn the steps to follow to humbly obey God's will for your life in choosing a spouse. What makes a marriage work.
Program Aim
To educate the congregation on the beauty of marriage
Scripture References
1 Corinthians 13
Theme Song(s)
652 Love at Home
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Opening Remarks

The secular world has done a lot to undermine the sanctity and permanence of marriage. A common understanding of the marriage relationship is a union that is maintained only as long as it satisfies our personal needs. Each party seeks to prioritize their desires. The moment that difficulties appear, unlike the fairytale stories, many seek to exit, exempting themself from the selfless work that it takes to build a marriage. This stigma has undeniably negatively affected the church, as well. Unfortunately, the church shares the same alarming divorce rate as the world. What could be done in these instances? Why is this happening?

The level of expense and effort usually put out in the planning of weddings often dwarf the time and effort placed into the making of a successful marriage. Admittedly, marriage is work, but it is beautiful when we follow the instructions in the word of God to obtain a God-ordained union.

Building a happy marriage starts long before you meet your potential spouse. We will never know the extent of our character flaws until we to have to co-exist in the same space with another person. You may have lived with family members before, but there is a greater level of interdependence and a whole new set of expectations laid upon your spouse. Virtues such as patience, forgiveness, humility, and selfless service are put to the test. Development of these character traits and virtues listed as the fruit of the Spirit will be critical for a successful marriage. We seek to obtain the fruit of the Spirit and pray for discernment to identify the fruit or the lack thereof in potential partners.

We should seek to follow the steps of humbly obeying God's will for our life, seeking his guidance in developing character, choosing a godly spouse, and diligently working through difficulties with prayer. As a result, we will begin to experience marriages that reflect Christ's relationship with His church.

Today we want to look a bit more into the beauty of marriage. I pray at the end of this session; we can all have a positive view on marriage.


Opening Song

652 Love at home



Use a family to do the welcome.


Scripture Reading and Prayer:

Use a husband and wife to do the scripture reading and prayer. Let them read the scripture alternately and pray alternately.


Special Music

Ask a family or husband and wife to do the Item.


Main Feature: Panel Discussion

Ask three different couples to join your panel. Preferably it should comprise of a newlywed couple, a couple married under ten years, and an older couple. This will bring balance to the discussion.


  1. How did you meet and fall in love?
  2. Why did you get married?
  3. What daily practice do you have to remain happily married?
  4. What place does God play in your marriage?
  5. What is one trait in your spouse that annoys you, and how have you learned to live with it?
  6. What advice would you give to a couple thinking about getting married?



Ask your pastor or family life director to do a 5 minute summary on the importance of both husband and wife honouring their marriage vows.

If you are on Zoom enter break out rooms to pray over marriages in your church


Closing Prayer

Ask the pastor or head elder to close with prayer over marriages in the church.




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