23 themes for your 2020 Youth Day, Camp or Fellowship

Are you planning for your next youth day program, getting ready for camp this summer or Easter? Do you need inspiration for your next Youth Day Theme but with a modern flare? Want to promote your youth camp with a trendy edge? Need an injection of excitement in your youth fellowship? Here are a list of great youth day themes you can use for your next Youth Day Program or Camp. Feel free to modify, merge and make these theme ideas your own.

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Youth Day Themes

  1. Live His Life, Do His Work

  2. Knowing Jesus... Priceless

  3. Black or White, No Gray

  4. Laborours a plenty in 2020

  5. Persistent Prayer = Potent Power

  6. The Direct Message of Truth

  7. InstaGod… Always on time

  8. Swiping sin to the left

  9. What would Jesus eschew

  10. Mending Links and breaking chains

  11. Millenium Millennials

  12. Youth 4G (God, Growth, Greatness, Generosity)

  13. Storing treasures in the Cloud

  14. Golden: Tested, tried and purified

  15. Breaking Bad, Building Good.

  16. The Adversary and the Avenger

  17. Get Connected, Stay Connected

  18. Tik Tok, Tik Tok, the time is at hand

  19. Die to Selfie

  20. 1000 Likes but no Love

  21. 🙈🙉🙊 (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) Guarding the avenues of the soul

  22. In the game of thrones, who rules your heart?

  23. Millennial Youth, Proclaiming the Truth

Use these ideas along with any of our other AY or sabbath school programs on the site to make your next youth day a special one.

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