Do Seventh-Day Adventist Dance?

Do Seventh-Day Adventists dance?

The Seventh Day Adventist church by nature has always been a conservative church. With this in mind, the concept of dancing has been a contentious issue for a lot of members. However, with regards to dancing in worship, the Psalmist David in psalm 150 verse 4, noted that we should “Praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with stringed instruments and pipe” (NSAB). If someone chooses to dance as an expression of worship to God, that individual is free to praise God in that manner. They must however remember that even in dancing, they must be mindful of the fact that God is a Holy God and any act of worship must be done in a holy and reverent manner. 

The church does not believe that persons should engage in dancing that does not glorify God. Places such as clubs and parties where gyrating to music that does not glorify God takes place, are to be avoided by every Seventh Day Adventist Christian.  

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