Turn to your neighbor Welcome

Can I see the hands of persons who visited the house of a loved one recently?

What was the first thing that made you feel good when you entered their house?

For me, it's the moment my loved one looks at me with a smile and says, "<use your name>, welcome. I am so happy you decided to come!"

(Say jokingly: they could also ask me what I would like to eat because I love to eat)

Today is the Sabbath day, and we have some lovely visitors with us in the house of the Lord. Let us make them feel at home!

We want each person to turn to the person sitting next to you, smile, hug them and say: "Friend, Oh Friend, we welcome you, and we are happy you decided to come."

To our wonderful visiting friends, it is essential to feel at home where you choose to worship, and we are thankful you chose <name of the church>

But it is even more important to develop a saving relationship with Christ our God, so your heart is His home always.


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