Selfie Welcome

At a specific time in most Seventh Day Adventist churches worldwide, someone is asked to come to the podium and perform a duty.

This duty is performed at two different times during the morning church proceeding.

The person chosen may have a tag line like today is a high day in Israel, or the Sabbath is a delight. The person chosen may also repeat a set of instructions.

Today at this specific time, I've been given the task to join with the SDA church worldwide and welcome you to  <name of your church>. Today is a high Day in Israel. Of all the SDA churches worldwide, this is the very best church to worship at today. That is because you have chosen to fellowship with us. And there is no place like this place, anywhere near this place, because this is the place.

What is a way to commemorate such an auspicious occasion?

With a picture of course!

I want to ask everyone to take out your phones for this portion of the service and go to someone and welcome them into God's house and capture the moment with a selfie.

You are encouraged to look at this picture and pray for this person each day for the upcoming week.

Remember to welcome each person, especially our visiting friends into the house of the Lord.

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