Multi-Lingual Welcome

Today I am here to welcome all our visitors and members into the house of the Lord. The church is a place of learning, and I hope to teach you something new today.


In Spanish or Español, "Welcome" is translated as Bienvenida (female), Bienvenido (male)

Turn to your neighbor and practice saying it


In Japanese welcome is translated as Yōkoso pronounced: yo-koso

In Hindi welcome is translated as Swaagat pronounced swaa-gat

In Dutch, welcome is translated as Welkom. This is pronounced the same in English.


Which translation do you remember?

Let us put it to the test. Yes, you are going to do your oral language test on the Sabbath Day.

We invite the congregation to stand and go around the church and welcome someone using one of the languages learned today.

To our visiting friends, we welcome you and pray that you will open your hearts and minds to the lessons Christ has for you today


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