Cross Generational Welcome


The Baby Boomer generation often complains about the attitude and behavior of Millennials. They say, "back in my day, we never did things the way they do them." In the meantime, Millenials will say, "Their methods are old and dated, it's time for a change."

It may not be that one way is correct and the other one incorrect, but each generation will have their personal preference. However, we must all work together to bring glory to God. Amen!

Our worship is much better when we can embrace the best aspects of all generations. The grandparents of the Millenials were known as Traditionalists or the Silent Generation. We probably grew up hearing them sing songs like 

<Sing the chorus from a popular song in the Old Hymnal>

The parents of the Millenials; the Baby Boomers enjoy singing this song

<Sing the chorus from a popular song in the New SDA Hymnal> 

Millennials might enjoy singing songs not found in the hymnal.

<Sing the chorus of a popular song from a Christian gospel singer> 

Children of Millenials who fall in Generation Z would enjoy a song like this:

<Sing the chorus of a popular children song or a very recent song from a Christian gospel singer> 

Playfully ask: Which song was better?

To our visitors, whichever generation you find yourself in, God welcomes your praise. And we welcome you into the House of the Lord today. We pray that you continue to come and worship with us, so together, we can lift our voices and give God all the praise. Welcome!

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