Death is Better than Birth

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion. Whenever parents complete the journey through pregnancy and have a baby, it is something to be grateful for.


The process of childbirth is a treacherous path, and at any point during the process, the child's or the mother's life can be at risk.


Now that you have made it to the other side, *Insert Parents names* can give thanks. 

However, Ecc 7:1 says: "the day of death [is better] than the day of birth. What does this really mean? On the one hand, when you die, all your worries die with you. All your stress, sickness, pain, and mental troubles die with you. On the other hand, when you are born, it is the beginning of sorrows. 


 As parents, you start to worry about your child. Will they fit-in in school? Will they make friends? Will they advance academically? Will they be obedient children? Will they do drugs? 

Do you worry sometimes?


This is why parents dedicate their children to the Lord. This dedication ceremony should be the model for your parenting of your child. Let me explain. At a dedication, parents bring their child to church along with family and friends as support. At a dedication, we bring our children to the altar in faith and cover them in prayer. At a dedication the word of God is read. Parents, you are admonished to bring your child to church and pray over them daily and teach them the Word of the Lord.


Only unwavering faith in God can take us through the trials of this world. We don't know what troubles life may bring, and dedication is not immunization from troubles. It's more of a pain killer that gives you peace in the midst of troubles.

 In spite of whatever may come. Knowing that you have dedicated your child to God and following through by doing all that he requires you as parents to perform is the only way true peace can be found while raising *Insert Baby's name*.



Many have the misconception that this ceremony is only for the baby. Little *Insert Baby's name*" has no clue what is happening.  He/she will never remember this moment. 

This dedication ceremony is a public declaration of the parents, friends, and family that they want this child to grow up with faith in God. This is because you as parents and friends, understand the great power that comes with a true belief in Jesus Christ.


We cannot risk*Insert Baby's name* growing up not knowing God. You are here because you understand how critical that is. You are here because you know, faith in Christ also means understanding what salvation is; the price that Jesus paid by dying on the cross to give us eternal life. 


Our church has a children's department to help you with teaching these precious truths if you need a helping hand. However, children live what they learn, so you have the primary responsibility to teach them or ensure that they are taught. And the best lesson is the life that is lived according to the Word of God.

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