Sabbath School
There is beauty in God's creation. It is good to partake of this as often as we can. This Sabbath, we will teach the church the joys of an unplugged Sabbath, which means little to no electronic devices, just homemade musical instruments and our voices.
Program Aim
There is beauty in God's creation. It is good to partake of this as often as we can. This Sabbath, we will teach the church the joys of an unplugged Sabbath, which means little to no electronic devices, just homemade musical instruments and our voices.
Scripture References
Psalm 24:1,2
Theme Song(s)
092 - This is my Father's World
Program Audience
Preparations and resources

The Sabbath school program is intended to be a limited electricity one. As much as possible use natural lighting, no microphones, nor powered musical instruments etc.
Encourage the congregation to use Instruments that can be created such bottle and spoon, rattles, percussion,  blended voices, acoustic guitars.

Opening Remarks:

Good Morning Brethren and Friends. Can you imagine what happened during creation? The time and care God spent creating this world. We learnt of this remarkable development in Genesis 1. Brothers and sisters, boys and girls what did God create on Day 1, (pause) Day 2, (pause) Day 6?

The Bible says on the First day, God said "Let there be light"; and there was light (it will be nice to have someone with a bright flashlight flash one on the crowd to get the thought of light through their darkness). He then divided the light from darkness, calling the light day and darkness night.

On the second day, God said: "Let there be a firmament amid the waters and let it divide the water from the waters".

On the third day, God said: "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear and let the Earth bring for all the trees, grass and herbs".

On the fourth day, God said "Let there be lights in the firmaments of the heavens to divide day and night" thus creating the sun, moon and stars.

On the fifth day, God created the living creatures in the sea and in the air. All the fishes and birds were created.

On the Sixth day, God created the living creature on the earth. Cattle, creeping things and beasts. On this day He finally said let Us make man in Our image. After everything thing was created good and prepared well for us, he created his prized possessions to have dominion over the earth. Male and female He created them.

On the Seventh day, God ended his work and rested. He blessed and sanctified this day.

What a wonderful time that must have been. Every beast and plant in its purest form, straight from the hands of God. Every wonderful and perfect thing now created for the honour and glory of God.


Opening Song: Sing some choruses so the congregation can sing with the unorthodox musical instruments


Scripture Reading: Psalm 24 :1,2


Prayer: Groups of 3

Special Item: Ask someone to recite a poem

Mission Story

Theme Song: #92 This is my father's world



Main Feature

There are a lot of theories about how the earth began. What are some of these theories?

Some believe in creation, evolution, a hybrid of the two, big bang; some even think we're some alien race school project. But we believe the truth, and that is in 6 days. God created the heaven and the earth and rested on the 7th day.

Do we have a responsibility as Christians to care for this earth while we live here? From childhood to now have you noticed changes in coastlines, temperature and weather patterns?

In our day to day activities, we are maybe causing some changes to the earth. We use and discard high amounts of plastic and harmful materials daily. International bodies of scientists have warned that we have just over a decade to halve our emissions to avoid devastating impacts to the world and systems we have gotten so accustomed to.

Everyone has the ability to do something to address be better stewards of our environment. To leave a better tomorrow for our future generations.

Unplug devices, more often. Use electronic devices less than we currently do

Travel smarter. Incorporate walking or biking into our transportation culture more instead of driving everywhere.

Shop smarter. Buy less plastic bottles.

Plant your produce. Plant more to feed your family. This is very economical and reduces the carbon footprint.





LESSON STUDY [30 minutes]:




Song Service: 5 Mins (choruses)




Have you ever thought about how creative our heavenly Father is? 

Stop for a minute and look around. What do you see? What do you smell?

God created every colour, every scent, every flavour. He didn't have to make cows produce milk, but He did. He didn't have to make the sky blue or give flowers an aroma, but He did. 

Everything God makes is beautiful and intricate and unique, including you. 

The Bible says "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well" (Psalm 139:14).

The birds chirping and the billowing clouds that form random shapes are perfect in His eyes. 

God had made each us of us marvellously complex. No two humans are the same, and none of us were accidents. He knit you together in your mother's womb, and the day of your birth was divinely timed (Psalm 139:16). 

That's why you're in your school, your job, and your family. You are God's masterpiece, created to bring good into the world through the things you are uniquely called and equipped to do. You have the choice to help preserve God's creation. The choices you make from here on will impact future generations. The power for change is in each one of our hands. I know I will be modifying my behaviours.

What's one thing you love about the world the Lord gave us?

Is it could be the cooling northeastern trade winds or the rivers that flow through the brooks? Take as long as you need to find something you sincerely like about the way God made you and the things around you and thank Him for it.

Spend some time today observing God's artistry all the while having in your mind that your day to day choices will impact whether your future generations will be able to enjoy these things. 


Closing Prayer



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